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  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh: China Factory
  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh: China Factory
Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh: China FactoryStainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh: China Factory

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh: China Factory

Main Market:World Wide
Finish:Stainless Steel
HS Code: 7314490000
40HC loading QTY:20000SQM
20GP loading QTY:7000SQM
Production Time& MOQ:10pcs

Product Description:

Stainless steel wire rope zoo aviary mesh is extensively produced in China using SS316 wire with 7x7 and 7x19 wire structures. This durable mesh is available in both ferrule and woven types, offering flexibility for various applications. Additionally, the mesh surface can be treated with black oxidation. With a range of specifications to choose from, such as wire diameter, opening size, mesh type, and surface treatment, you can select the perfect mesh for your specific requirements. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance in determining the most suitable mesh for your needs.


Our stainless steel wire rope zoo aviary mesh is available in a range of specifications. The wire rope diameter ranges from 1.0mm to 3.0mm, and the mesh opening width (OW) varies from 20mm to 200mm. We can also accommodate custom specifications based on your requirements. Here are some examples:

  • BM-1560: 1.5mm rope, 60mm (OW) x 105mm (OH) opening
  • BM-1020, BM-1520: 20mm x 35mm opening
  • BM-1035, BM-1535: 35mm x 60mm opening
  • BM-1050, BM-1550, BM-2050, BM-3050: 50mm x 87mm opening

These specifications provide a glimpse of the available options for stainless steel  zoo aviary mesh. We offer a wide range to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your aviary project.

Specification Rope Diameter (mm) Opening Width (OW) (mm) Opening Height (OH) (mm)
BM-1560 1.5 60 105
BM-1020 - 20 35
BM-1520 - 20 35
BM-1025 - 25 43
BM-1525 - 25 43
BM-1030 - 30 52
BM-1535 - 35 60
BM-1035 - 35 60
BM-1535 - 35 60
BM-1040 - 40 69
BM-1540 - 40 69
BM-2040 - 40 69
BM-1050 - 50 87
BM-1550 - 50 87
BM-2050 - 50 87
BM-3050 - 50 87
BM-1060 - 60 104
BM-1560 - 60 104
BM-2060 - 60 104
BM-3060 - 60 104
BM-1070 - 70 121
BM-1570 - 70 121
BM-2070 - 70 121
BM-3070 - 70 121
BM-1080 - 80 139
BM-1580 - 80 139
BM-2080 - 80 139
BM-3080 - 80 139
BM-10100 - 100 173
BM-15100 - 100 173
BM-20100 - 100 173
BM-30100 - 100 173
BM-10120 - 120 208
BM-15120 - 120 208
BM-20120 - 120 208
BM-30120 - 120 208
BM-10160 - 160 277
BM-15160 - 160 277


Stainless steel wire rope zoo aviary mesh is a top-notch, long-lasting material made from stainless steel wires. It forms a diamond shape when stretched, which turns more round the more you stretch it. You can choose the wire thickness and hole size to match your needs, and it lasts for over 30 years!


One of the great things about this mesh is that it's so flexible. Stainless Steel Wire Rope Zoo Aviary Mesh comes in two styles - ferrule and knotted - and you can change its size however you want. This means it can be used for lots of different things, like creating green walls or adding safety to railings.

To make putting it up easy, we also have a selection of tools you can use. These include tensioners, turnbuckles, and snap hooks.

The mesh is perfect for making animal enclosures look amazing, while also keeping the animals safe. You can see through it easily, and it doesn't block the wind, making a comfy home for the animals.

When we send it to you, we make sure it's packed safely so it arrives in top condition.


To sum it up, our stainless steel wire rope zoo aviary mesh is a flexible and sturdy option for animal enclosures. With many options for customization and handy tools for installation, creating beautiful and secure aviaries or bird exhibits has never been easier. Get in touch with us to talk about your needs and find the perfect mesh for your project.





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